The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side

We so often see the "other garden is greener scenario". And when is a  better time to imagine a beautiful paradise as you are sitting in this cold winter month with wind blowing and snow falling. We can be just as cold in a warm beautiful place and just as warm or loved in a cold snow filled picture.

Remember that paradise is ultimately within the warmth of your internal self. Once you discover that happiness, it will launch you to the greener pastures that are destined for you. No matter where you travel in this life, that happiness cannot be found anywhere else except within you.

It's always tempting to run off to Paradise. I know this as I stand between lives and how the temptation is always there.  I am not running. I am sitting in the space as one life has completed and the new one is sparkling into existence. I always remind myself that in order for my truest dreams to come to life, that happiness needs to beam from within me to my outside world.

Decide what's happening within your picture on the inside where it really counts - even if the "weather outside is frightful."