Happy New Year from The Holistic Soul Healer

As we finish the first week of January, there could easily be the feeling of expectation in the air. Expectation so often becomes the mother of disappointment. Then there’s all those lofty promises we can make to ourselves, yet there is one question that matters most…

How deeply am I willing to love myself in this new book of life in the year 2018?

This is a year that hasn’t been in existence before. A moment in time when we can each write ourselves a new and glorious history. 

What do we each need to do to go one step further in being our best? How will I make the world better by my presence in the world today? What can I contribute? Whose life can I touch and improve? How can I make my life more joyful and more full of love?

These are the questions I ask - as well as where will i live and how? Personally, I am still not settled, or in a home that’s mine, with any belongings I feel familiar to me. All these things and more, I want this year with all my heart. 

Pablo Picasso once said, "everything you can imagine is real." What is the craziest and wildest dream you have imagined? That dream is as real as you make it. Take this new beginning to push yourself into the unknown. 

I, along with all your Spiritual guides, can help guide to fulfill your wildest expectations for this year that lies ahead.