Accepting our Differences

It must be important to most of us as a society to follow a religion or spiritual life, as there are 4,200 religious paths in our World.  When many of us find a path we love, we sometimes try to persuade our family and friends to follow with us. Not only does this validate and confirm our choice, but if this belief has served us, why wouldn't it work for those we care most about?

It's a perfectly reasonable argument but it's the responsibility of every individual to find our own way, our personal choices, voice, faith walk. With 4,200 choices - that shouldn't be a problem. These vast options are wonderful and a reason to discuss and share what we have chosen, however we don't seem to be celebrating these differences in our World yet. We need to ask more questions rather than assume we know all the answers.

Let's find out who we each are rather than pre-determining through judgment.  There is so much to learn from one another and so much to celebrate with that discovery. We may not always agree with others, but we can at least try and understand their point of view instead of judging it. Walking our walks and talking our talks makes our World a more interesting place.