How to Control your Energy

I know this may make you smile and it is cute and fun but haven't we all met with someone at some time that is a bit of an energy drain?

So - what do we do to protect ahead and cut off when damage has begun?

Generally most people and situations you will meet fall into 3 categories:

1. The person or situation gives to you - enhances and expands you, lifts and energizes OR

2. The person or situation takes from you - drains you and diminishes, makes you more tired and has an almost depressing or repressive impact on you OR

3. It's neutral - neither uplifting or diminishing.

What is our job? It is to know how you are feeing energetically before you step in so that you can distinguish which of the 3 categories you are experiencing and then if it is expansion - enjoy it, if it's diminishing either take a break and reclaim your energy or get out, if it's the neutral one - take the time to really sit and own how your energy is doing.