The Good Eggs

Many times we are able to keep going even in tough times by being able to call a friend, or even better.....a bunch of them. 

Sometimes you have a dream or goal that you are trying to achieve. In order to achieve those dreams or goals, we need a strong support system of loved ones who would do anything to help you succeed. Maybe its by being a part of your dream team or just listening to you vent when your hard work doesn't seem like its paying off. No matter how they help, their support is what keeps you going on your darkest days. 

In the past of couple years, I have gone through many hardships. In my basket of eggs, I learned who my good eggs and bad eggs were. I feel that I have been blessed with a bunch of good eggs. Surround yourself with people who support the best You! Find your good eggs and never let them go.

We must also remember to try and be the good egg to our loved ones. Our good eggs also need a good egg of their own.  As much as we need them, you are also just as important in their life. Be there to support and love them through the good times and bad.