Transformational Soul Retrieval


All of us have some life experience of ancestors and family history. Perhaps we have Grandma's toes, or certain characteristics of mum or dad. That's just on a physical level, and then add emotions, mind, body and spirit. Then what if you've had multiple lives, or more experiences than you're aware of or even believe is possible. Sometimes we have truths that go way beyond realities in our consciousness. Phobias, fears and other limitations can play havoc in this life. It's helpful and transformational to work with someone who can successfully track energy as far back as needed to shift truths loose, in order to move lower vibrations out of the way, so that higher points of bliss can come in, to serve you in this lifetime.  Travel back with Ruth in a guided session to retrieve gifts left behind or forgotten. Retrieve these precious aspects of you to create the best present and future life.